X90 SZ416 ELB11S 1.6L G16B Petrol 1995-1998

X90 SZ416
Suzuki X90 SZ416 ELB11S 1.6L 4 cyl, MP, G16B, 16V, SOHC, N/Turbo, Petrol, 4WD, 01/1995-01/1998

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An iconic part of Suzuki’s fleet, the Suzuki X90 is a front-engine, rear or all-wheel drive. Coming with two-doors, the two-seater SUV was available between 1995 and 1997. Based on the chassis of the two-door EFI 1.6L Vitara of the same era, the X90 boasts Suzuki’s signature compact style and flare.

Whether you’re a collector, enthusiast or a driver, 4WD Part Shop boasts all of the Suzuki parts and accessories you need to work on your Suzuki X90. From regular maintenance and servicing to intricate builds and upgrades, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Ordering your Suzuki X90 parts is easy and straightforward with help from our Perth professionals.

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Our user-friendly online store makes it easy to explore our wide variety of Suzuki parts and accessories. With both genuine and aftermarket products, you’ll find everything from the most commonly requested parts to specialised components for particular projects.

We stock an impressive range of hoses, mounts, lights, rubber seals, filters, cables and much more in our online store. Offering fast delivery right across Australia, 4WD Part Shop makes it simple to work on your Suzuki X90 with the parts that you need.

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4WD Part Shop makes working on your Suzuki X90 straightforward, fun and rewarding. With our wide range of parts and accessories delivered across Australia, we’re able to get your products to you fast.

For more on our range of genuine and aftermarket Suzuki parts and accessories for the Suzuki X90, contact our Perth professionals today. Call our friendly team on (08) 9250 4650 for knowledgeable advice and expert services.

Established as Auto Parts WA in 1995, a general small car wrecker, we noticed an increasing demand for Suzuki parts in Perth. With this in mind, we renamed ourselves as Suziwest then Suzistore in 2000. Sourcing Suzuki parts and 4WD parts from genuine and aftermarket suppliers, we opened our online shop in 2001.

Now known as Suzistore Pty Ltd T/A 4WD Part Shop, we make it simple to find Suzuki parts. Stocking an extensive range of genuine and aftermarket 4WD and Suzuki spare parts for sale, we supply customers with both new and used products nationwide.

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