Sierra SJ80 SJ413V 1.3L G13BA Petrol 1996-1998

Sierra SJ80 1.3L 1996 98
Suzuki Sierra SJ80 SJ413V 1.3L 4 cyl, CA, G13BA, 8V, SOHC, N/Turbo, 4WD, 09/1996-01/1998
Sierra SJ80 also known as The Coily was the last of the Sierra series to be sold in Australia through the year 96-98.  Known as The Coily due to its coil spring suspension that replaced Sierra’s traditional leaf sprung suspension. Also codenamed the SJ413 in many countries. Often SJ80 mechanical parts aren’t’ interchangeable with other models such as SJ70. 4WD parts shop has a full range of parts and accessories that fit the Suzuki Sierra SJ80 available to buy online.
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