Maruti MG410N 1.0L F10A Petrol 1989-1993

Maruti MG410-N/T 1989-1993
Suzuki Maruti MG410N 1.0L 4 cyl, CA, F10A, 8V, SOHC, N/Turbo, Petrol, 4WD, 01/1989-01/1993

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As specialists in all things Suzuki, we stock a wide variety of parts and accessories to repair, maintain, enhance and upgrade your Suzuki Maruti MG410N. Chat with our Perth professionals for expert advice on our entire rage.  

Driving Your Maruti

Commonly known as the Stockman in Australia, the Suzuki Maruti redefined rural and off road driving for farmers and 4WD enthusiasts. Setting the tone for functional, versatile and comfortable off road driving, the Suzuki Maruti rose in popularity and demand.

The Suzuki Maruti is ideal in off road and rugged areas, making it a perfect vehicle for the countless Australian farmers and property owners across regional and rural areas of the country.

Handling, Performance and Reliability

When engineering the Maruti, handling, performance and reliability was at the forefront for Suzuki. After extensive designing, testing and manufacturing, Suzuki created a sturdy and durable vehicle that provided drivers with the functionality required to enjoy a comfortable and smooth drive in a range of conditions. The Suzuki Maruti can commonly be found on farms and properties across Australia, offering the high performance and reliability essential in an off road and 4WD vehicle.

4WD Part Shop’s team specialises in stocking and sourcing a variety of parts and accessories for the Suzuki Maruti MG410N, making repairs, maintenance, enhancements and upgrades simple. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make sure it gets to you fast.

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At 4WD Part Shop, we stock an extensive range of genuine and aftermarket Suzuki parts and accessories. As one of Australia’s largest stockholders, our professionals provide expert advice on each product to ensure that you’re paired with the right item for your vehicle. Whether you’re working on your Swift or your Vitara, find all that you need in our online store.

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Beginning as a general small car wrecker known as Auto Parts WA in 1995, we chose to specialise stocking in Suzuki parts for sale and 4WD parts after three years of business. Renaming as Suziwest then Suzistore, we launched our first online store in 2001. Trading with an emphasis on new and used Suzuki parts and 4WD parts, we’re now known as Suzistore Pty Ltd T/A 4WD Part Shop.

As a family owned WA business, we make it simple to find the Suzuki parts and accessories you need for any Suzuki vehicle.

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