Jimny SN413 FJB33V 1.3L G13BB Petrol 1998-2000

Jimny SN413 - G13BB
Suzuki Jimny SN413 FJB33V 1.3L 4 cyl, MP, G13BB, 16V, SOHC, N/Turbo, Petrol, 4WD, 10/1998-10/2000

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Replacing the Suzuki Sierra in late 1998, Suzuki released the Jimny to replace their range of small 4x4 compact vehicles. Undergoing three model changes over the past two decades, the Suzuki Jimny has enhanced 4x4 driving. Fast, compact yet versatile, the Jimny can be taken from urban streets to rural terrain.

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About the Jimny

In 1998, the first Jimny was released. Coming in hard top, soft top and manual or automatic, it was a G13BB 1.3L injected motor with a manual transfer box. From 2005 and 2005, the M13A 1.3L motor was released in hard top models with a manual transfer and manual or automatic gearbox. From 2006 onwards, the M13A VVT motor (variable valve timing) 1.3L model with push button 4WD selection became available.

With models ranging over 20 years, Suzuki has made great strides in enhancing the Jimny while staying true to its original core values of handling, maneuverability and versatility.

Working on Your Jimny

When it comes to working on your Jimny, 4WD Part Shop has you covered. You’ll find hoses, mounts, lights, rubber seals, filters, cables and many more parts and accessories to enhance the performance, reliability and handling of your Jimny.

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