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The Iconic Suzuki Swift

One of Suzuki’s most popular cars, the Suzuki Swift is a driver favourite. Seen on Australian roads in virtually every town and city, Swifts are packed full with features and capabilities that make them so popular and appealing.

At 4WD Part Shop in Perth, we specialise in stocking an extensive range of quality Suzuki spare parts and accessories. From basic repairs and maintenance through to engine rebuilds, we’ve got what you need for smooth and easy working on your Suzuki Swift. Shop Suzuki spare parts in Australia and get your Swift equipped with the latest components.

Compact City Vehicle

From suburban streets through to inner city laneways, you’re bound to see Suzuki Swifts pop up everywhere you go - and for good reason. Compact, reliable and safe, the Suzuki Swift - and the speedy Sport model - is one of the top cars in the compact hatch market. Affordable and value-for-money, drivers are attracted to the design, engineering and power of the Swift.

The Suzuki Swift has received a number of upgrades and enhancements since its introduction in 1984. Now known as a sleek, functional and compact city vehicle, the Suzuki Swift is the car of choice for drivers looking for advanced technology, innovative safety and a smooth driving experience. Past Suzuki Swift models have included:

Shop Suzuki Parts Online

Finding Suzuki parts and accessories used to be a hassle. With 4WD Part Shop, you can simply order online and have your parts delivered to your door. Whatever you’re looking for, our online store makes it easier than ever to find Suzuki parts in Australia.

4WD Part Shop makes ordering online simple and hassle-free. Simply find the parts and accessories you need, add them to your cart, check out and enjoy fast and easy delivery to any address in Australia. Forget browsing through thousands of pages to find what you’re looking for - just check out our online catalogue or chat with one of our team members to source the parts you need quickly.

Suzuki Spare Parts in Australia

At 4WD Part Shop, we’re proud to be a team of experienced professionals. With a wealth of knowledge on all things Suzuki, we’re able to recommend and source an extensive range of parts and accessories with ease and efficiency. From common and basic parts to unusual and rare components, we’ll match you with what you’re looking for fast.

Find out more about our range of Suzuki Swift parts and accessories - contact us today on 08 9250 4650.

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