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Produced by Suzuki, the Mighty Boy is one of the most memorable and distinctive vehicles released by the Japanese automaker. It was the only bonnet type pick up, also known as a coupé utility, sold in the 550cc era of the Kei class. Classified as a commercial vehicle both in Japan and Australia, it offered somewhat limiting capabilities compared to competitors. With the Suzuki Mighty Boy, it was more about style, quirk and charm.

Now, the Suzuki Mighty Boy continues to have ongoing success and a dedicated following thanks to its unique appearance and history as a one-of-a-kind Suzuki release. As the Mighty Boy was only released in a single model, parts, components and accessories can be quite limited. Luckily, 4WD Part Shop stocks all you need for working on your Suzuki. As one of the largest stockholders of Suzuki spare parts in Australia, we make working on your Suzuki Mighty Boy easier than ever.

Maintain your Suzuki Mighty Boy as a collectable or drive it for fun with quality parts and accessories from 4WD Part Shop.

About the Suzuki Mighty Boy

The Suzuki Mighty Boy was released in a single model - the SS40T - between 1983 to 1988. Although not immediately popular, it eventually built up a cult following across Australia, Japan and internationally due to its unique features and Suzuki quirks. With a distinctive body design and style, the Mighty Boy has become synonymous with the Japanese personality and flair of its creators.

Although the Mighty Boy falls short compared to heavy duty commercial vehicles, it does offer compact functionality and convenience for drivers. With dynamic power, high performance and reliability, the Mighty Boy is ideal for inner city conditions and well as more regional and agricultural roads. Take your Mighty Boy out for a spin and you’ll turn heads of Suzuki enthusiasts and the general public alike.

Order Suzuki Spare Parts in Australia

While Mighty Boy parts and accessories have previously been hard to come by due to its limited release, 4WD Part Shop has you covered. As one of the largest stockholders of both genuine and aftermarket Suzuki parts in Australia, finding what you’re looking for is simple.

Browse our online catalogue sorted by part and accessory type, add your selected products to your cart, check out and wait for your delivery. Operating Australia-wide, we deliver a huge range of Suzuki spare parts and accessories across the country. Don’t be put off by your location - order with 4WD Part Shop online and get the parts you need fast.

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When it comes to Suzuki parts and accessories, there’s no one more knowledgeable than the team at 4WD Part Shop in Perth. From one-off and obscure models to common and popular modern vehicles, we’re able to source and supply the parts and accessories you need for any Suzuki. Delivering across Australia, we make repairs, maintenance, enhancements and rebuilds easy and hassle free.

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