Hatch SS40V 0.5L F5A Petrol 1980-1985

Hatch SS40V
Suzuki Hatch SS40V 0.5L 3 cyl, CA, F5A, 6V, SOHC, N/Turbo, Petrol, FWD, 01/1980-12/1985

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The Suzuki Hatch SS40V was one of Suzuki’s most dynamic and recognisable releases. With a cult following across Australia, Japan and internationally, the Suzuki Hatch SS40V was released between 1980 and 1984. The Suzuki Hatch SS40V quickly became synonymous with Japanese style and quirk, boasting a design unique to the Australian Market.

With a 500cc motor, the Hatch SS40V is a two-door hatchback with design elements and components unique to Suzuki manufacturing. Available in either manual or automatic transmission, drivers can select their ideal driving mode.

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