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Suzistore Pty Ltd T/A 4WD Part Shop has the most comprehensive range of genuine Suzuki, aftermarket, reconditioned and second hand parts for your new or late model Suzuki. Whether it be for your Sierra, Swift or Vitara we have the right part and the knowledge to help you get your car back running at maximum performance.

Not sure how to find the part you want in the store? You must first make sure that you are looking for the right part for your car. We have included a little tutorial which will assist you in finding the right part number that you should be searching for within the store.

Reading and Understanding our Part Numbers / Item Codes
Part numbers / item codes are mostly based around genuine Suzuki part numbers.
As a general rule, the letter at the end of the part number / item code can be used to identify whether the part number is genuine or aftermarket.

G = Genuine Suzuki or Genuine Maruti
N = Non Genuine / Aftermarket Equivalent

Another thing to look out for, when going by our part numbers / item codes to order things like Rings, Main Bearings, Pistons and Conrod Bearings is to take note of the last 2 numbers as these indicate the size / oversize of the part.

For Example:

12100-82000N = Standard
12100-82010N = 10 Thou Oversize (0.25)
12100-82020N = 20 Thou Oversize (0.50)
12100-82030N = 30 Thou Oversize (0.75)
12100-82040N = 40 Thou Oversize (1.00)

This should better aid you in having the confidence to know you are ordering the correct part you're after. If your still uncertain please give us a phone call on 1800 819 412 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before you place your order so we can make sure you're on the right path.

All the part prices in our online shop are inclusive of GST.

The majority of the pictures displayed for parts are taken here at 4WD Part Shop and so are accurate to the part you are buying.


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