Our Reward Points System

 Things you need to know about our reward points system

Reward coin

  • Every order over $100.00 placed online when registered with Suzistore, earns reward points that are saved against your online account.
  • You must first be registered with our online shop to be eligible to save reward points to your account.
  • Points discount will be add to you shopping cart at login, this discount can be see in the cart at checkout.
  • When a points discount is greater than your purchase, your extra points will be credited back to your account for your next purchase.
  • Reward points only apply to products on your order, not freight, admin fee's or the GST on totals.
  • Only a maximun of $100.00 is able to be saved against your account at any one point.
  • Points are caculated at $0.05 for every dollar spent over $100.00.
  • So spend a $100.00 on product less freight, admin fee's or GST to receive $5.00 dicount on your next purchase.
  • Points remain active for 6 months from time of generation.
  • Points older than 6 months will expire from your account.
  • Points are not redeemable for cash.
  • Points are non transferable.
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